Hi! I'm Sara (they/them) a certified Sag-Aftra and Scen&Film recognized Intimacy Coordinator and Consultant working within the tv, film and performing arts sector in Sweden and around the world. I grew up in the 90s/00s in Stockholm as queer kid from a big selected family with massive dreams and a particular interest in black wholes, deadly deceases, magic, and all things pink. I played handball from age 6 till 16 until I finally broke my hand in the national finals. Despite being the end of a personal era, it did get our team a winning strike. From then on, team spirit has been the only thing that really matters. 


As an Intimacy Coordinator I’ve coordinated more than 50+ projects, for TV, film and the performing arts. I’ve also mentored several Intimacy Coordinators in training internationally, and guided many aspiring directors during their student productions at both college and university level. 


Certification - Intimacy Coordinator

Masters degree - International Performing Arts, Stockholm University of the Arts

Bachelor degree - Social Anthropology and Identity studies, Stockholm University

Collage degree - Dramaturgy and scriptwriting, Biskops Arnö Folkhögskola

Not to forget - I have lived in Brazil for 4 months, in India for 8 years, learned 4 languages and studied various forms of urban dance, meditation, poetry, acting and psychology. Clowning is my current jam. 

You can definitely reach out to me if you want guidance in Gender and Sexuality related questions or Queer perspectives.


In 2023 I started my training as a medical nurse and midwife. In short you'll be able to hire me as a medic on set and medical consultant very soon! 


I credit the Black, Indigenous and Queer communities, as well as my colleagues and collaborators from all places and paths, who have contributed to establishing and developing the practice of Intimacy Coordination.