Hello, my name is Sara. I go by non-binary pronouns. I'm a certified and Sag-Aftra recognized Intimacy Coordinator (IC) working within the tv, film and performing arts sector to establish consent-based work environments, brave spaces, and exciting storytelling. I'm based in Stockholm, but I love traveling for work and I visit Mumbai quite often. 

Before certifying as an Intimacy Coordinator, I pursued a BA in Social Anthropology and a MA in International Performing Arts. Since then, I have coordinated over 40 projects, for all major platforms worth mentioning including Netflix and SVT.

At the heart of my practice lies an interest for how psychological safety can create better work processes and creative results. To support that vision my expertise has become three-fold: creative, health/safety focused and administrative. Among other things I'm trained in dramaturgy, physical theatre, clowning and urban dance - not to mention my favorites: conflict resolution, mental health first aid, and trauma informed care.

My indian Intimacy Coordinator colleagues and I founded the Intimacy Collective some years ago - go have a look at our guidelines. I also participated in the certification of five new indian Intimacy Coordinators trained by The Intimacy Lab and Intimacy Professional Association. Oh, and I'm also a member of the Intimacy Practitioners Guild. 

All in all I'm looking to continue an international career and hope to join hands with people with different expertise and skill sets across the globe. Expanding perspectives on gender and sexuality will continue to be our focus and primary motivation, right?

Reach out and we'll discuss your project.

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For my education, perspective and expertise, I credit my colleagues and collaborators who have contributed to establishing and developing the practice of Intimacy Coordination, the Black, Indigenous and Queer communities, as well as and the organisations Intimacy Directors and Coordinators (USA), and Safe Sets (South Africa).

Photo credit: Nadja Hallström