An Intimacy Coordinator (IC) coordinates and safeguards work surrounding intimacy scenes in a production. 

An IC's main task is to ensure that all intimacy scenes are portrayed without restricting performers' boundaries, is based on the director's vision and created in a safe, respectful and creative work environment. They work pre-production, in rehearsal, on set and in post-production to enable the story, liaise between departments, choreograph and create routines and protocols.

An IC should be able to demonstrate previous education and qualifications, experience in the profession, work process and protocolsA qualified Intimacy Coordinator's training must include:

  • Certified 'Mental Health First Aider'
  • First Aid (CPR)
  • Anti: discrimination, sexual harassment and bullying
  • Diversity and gender equality
  • Conflict resolution and problem solving
  • Bystander Intervention

A qualified Intimacy Coordinator's expertise must include:

  • Best practice regarding an Intimacy Coordinator's workflow and process based on both local and international standars
  • Consent
  • Health and safety
  • Movement, choreography, acting and dramaturgy
  • Risk assessments, protocols, and intimacy riders
  • Masking, intimacy garments and barriers
  • Extensive work experience in film/tv or performing arts