An Intimacy Coordinator (IC) coordinates and safeguards intimacy scenes in a production. They ensure that all intimacy scenes are created in a safe, respectful and creative work environment. ICs work pre-production, in rehearsal, on set and in post-production to enable the story, liaise between departments, choreograph and create protocols.

An Intimacy Coordinator must  demonstrate training that include:

  • Consent
  • Movement, choreography, acting and dramaturgy
  • Risk assessments, protocols, and intimacy riders
  • Masking, intimacy garments and barriers
  • Best practice regarding an Intimacy Coordinator's workflow and process based on both local and international standards and law
  • Extensive work experience in film/tv or performing arts
  • 'Mental Health First Aider' Certificate
  • First Aider (CPR) Certificate
  • Conflict resolution and problem solving
  • Anti: discrimination, sexual harassment and bullying
  • Diversity and Gender 
  • Bystander Intervention
  • Trauma Informed Care